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This page is dedicated to our team that are raising mental health awareness

The Mind Over Matter Team - Raising Mental Health Awareness

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Billy Whitehouse



Bev Duffty-Jones


From my personal point of view I have seen the highs and lows of being a professional footballer and been at the lowest of the low.

Mental health awareness is something I’m hugely passionate about not just on a personal level but seeing family members and close friends struggle on a day to day basis and to give people a platform to open up and talk and to unite people to work for a better tomorrow.

I believe that The Mind Over Matter Charity is the perfect platform to help people over come their mental health issues by joining the Mind Over Matter Community.

I have struggled in the past with mental health, which stemmed from a Gambling addiction. I used to laugh off the stupid amounts of money that i was wasting and how much debt was building up. It became a bit of a running joke within my friend circle, but the truth is, I was in a really dark place and I couldn’t muster up the courage to speak to anyone about it.

When I saw what Billy was doing with the charity, I wanted to be involved. I had been learning website design in my free time for around 12 months and offered to build The Mind Over Matter Charity’s website as a free donation. 

Mind Over Matter is a fantastic cause and i am proud to be associated with this foundation and this cracking set of lads.

Since designing this website, Billy has asked me to come on board and be the face of this charity, along side him and Bev. This is a great honour and a privilege for me and something that i intend to make the most of.

Bev Jones Mind Over Matter

So, this is me Bev Jones Lead Nurse by day. Zumba instructor by night. I would describe myself as full of life, energy, and positive. My main focus –  live life to the full and enjoy every second of it!

However, there was a time a different description of me would have been written –  being worthless, numb and empty. My main focus then was to end my life. So, I am fully aware of the impact mental illness has on the individual and their loved ones. Mental health to me is paramount, it significantly impacts on every aspect of person’s health well being and resilience. Mental health awareness is vital not only to reduce the stigma but increase understanding to ensure everyone has access to the support they need.

I became involved as I believe in the Mind Over Matter Charity. As a team our motivation, drive and passion for Mind Over Matter and it’s potential is an excellent foundation to build upon to provide effective support to those who are going through their own difficult life journeys which impact on an individual’s mental health and wellbeing.

Three Peak Mental Health Awareness Challenge

The Mind Over Matter Foundation are carrying out the Three Peak Challenge. Why not see how you can get involved by taking part, donating or even spreading awareness.

Mental Health Awareness Zumba Classes

The Mind Over Matter Zumba classes are something a little out of the ordinary, but are proving to be a big hit with many fitness fanatics returning week after week.

Mind Over Matter Mental Health Awareness Foundation
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